GIS Coursework

As a graduate student working towards a Master of GIS,

I have taken the following courses:

Principles of GIS

Applications of Remotely Sensed Data

Cartographic Design and Visualization

GIS Database Design

GIS Research Seminar

Special Topics:  Issues in Cartographic Design

Raster-Based GIS and Modeling

Trends in GIS

Geoprocessing with Python

Digital Image Processing

I have temporarily suspended my enrollment in a Master's program due to health-related emergencies of my elderly parents, and because of commitments to their ongoing daily care.

I have taken the following GIS-related courses within the

University of Maine system as an undergrad:

Introduction to GIS



Remote Sensing

Introduction to Global Positioning Systems

GIS and GPS in Public Safety

Human Geography

Physical Geography

Co-operative Work Experience in GIS

Introduction to Databases (Access)

Introduction to Spreadsheets (Excel)